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Getting back on the horse

Ah, I've let all my progress slip a bit in the last five months. The stress at work has been at epic levels and I've felt like I was drowning. But you know, I've decided that we all bounce, and as long as the down bounces are bigger than the up bounces, I'm okay. I lost a hundred and ten, I gained 15. So, today I'm announcing that I'm back on the horse. I went out shopping for healthy snacks today, and here's what I came up with....

I had no idea these were so good for you! I mean, sure they're full of fat, but they also slow the absorption of sugars, reduce inflammation and reduce your chance of a heart attack. Go check out this article about it.

Kashi Cookies
This little buggers are COOKIES. Honest to god moist and yummy cookies. Okay, so they're a little high in fat (again), but they're also full of whole grain goodness and fiber and flax seeds, so I think I can splurge without feeling too guilty.

Fiber One Bars
These suckers are potent if you're not used to getting your daily fiber.  You will fart your way through the day the first few times you eat them, but they are filling and a great way to get your daily fiber, which is important for good health.

Fresh veggies
I do so well when I can plop a plastic tray of fresh carrots and grape tomatoes and peas in front of me, but when I don't "munch" I end up eating higher caloric foods.  So I'm making a commitment to always have a tray of cut veggies ready to shove in front of me as I work on the computer.

So, what are your favorite 'save you from yourself' snacks??


Chili? & Crock-Pot Meals

My husband is about to be laid off for a month between semesters, while I work second shift, so I was looking for some quick, easy, low-cost meals that I could throw together. crock-pot meals are generally good for this, and I use it for a lot of different things (preparing burrito meat from chuck roast last weekend, and actual pot roast w/veggies this weekend, etc.), and I was wondering about Chili - especially carb-wise, as I've been kind of non-compliant with meds and diet recently and am trying to get back on track. I generally use chili spices, peppers, cans of crushed or diced tomatoes, lean ground meats (turkey, pork and/or beef), and a variety of beans (kidney, black, etc) generally from a can.

I know that beans are high in fiber and have some protein, but how bad would something like this be for someone who is trying to control their blood sugar? I like mine with rice - maybe half a cup, and a bit of cheese on top, milk or water to drink.

It's a pretty balanced meal in the traditional sense, but am I shooting myself in the foot diet/low-carb-wise?

Also, any suggestions for some low-cost meals like this that I could through together that my junk food junkie husband and I could both enjoy?

Good news for chubbiness.

Oh, this is fascinating. shakatany sent me a link to this, and it's fascinating. It turns out that those of us who are chubby (and no, I'm not in the chubby category yet, I'm still fat), will live longer than the skinny minnies.

Check it out!

Chai Tea and Raspberry Chocolate Bars

I've been struggling to lose weight and I know one of my down falls is my love of sweets and my love of chai tea. So I found a couple of recipes that are great. The tea mix is great on the go are easy to make.

Chai TeaCollapse )

Raspberry Chocolate BarsCollapse )

Harvest Salad

Okay, when I first learned that I was going to have to eat half the bulk of my meals in plant form for the rest of my life, I kinda gagged.  I have NEVER been a big vegetable eater.  Okay, the truth is that I would go months between seeing a vegetable.  So, I started at the easy place: salads.  Now, in the past, salad has meant iceburg lettuce with bacon, egg, and cheese, with a nice serving of ranch dressing on top (and here is where I hide from the nutritionists throwing books at me).  Yeah, yeah, I know.  My mother's verdict on iceburg lettuce is that I might as well eat water for all the nutrition I was getting.  So, I did a little research on the leaves that I could use to make the base for my salad: looseleaf, iceburg, romaine, and spinach.

And yeah, my mom was right.  Iceburg is the big old nothing of vegetables.  So, I started developing some alternative salads using more nutritious ingredients.  Now, I'm not going to lie to you: I still go for taste over perfect nutrition, but I sure am a whole lot better now.  This is one of my favorites; I call it the harvest salad because the flavors just seem so "autumny" to me.

No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

I have the same conditions as lit_gal, namely PCOS and Type II diabetes. I take Metformin and two types of insulin. While I'm not always on my best behaviour, I've gotten pretty good at knowing what is "good" for me, and what isn't.

I'm not a big one for following recipes, but this one has become a bit of a favorite over the years. Even my very picky husband not only likes it, but requests it every year. My grandmother is a big fan of instant, easy to make things that require little to no actual effort on her part. This is adapted from a no-bake pumpkin cheesecake recipe that I got from her. As I don't like cheescake, this is the result.

NO-Bake Pumpkin Pie
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