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beatingtheodds's Journal

Beating the odds and living better for it.

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Making good choices for healthy living.
From the owner of "Beating the Odds"

I spent years on the same weight loss... weight gain... weight gain... weight gain... weight loss cycle that everyone else seems to be on--at least everyone I like. I try to ignore the skinny bitches who eat nachos and still fit into a size four. *glares hard* A year ago, I got the bad news: diabetes. However, since that time, I've discovered that diabetes is the best thing that could have happened to me. It sent me running to a endocrinologist because my doctor was an idiot when it came to diabetes, and she diagnosed me with PCOS, Polycyctic Ovary Syndrome. So, with the hormonal imbalance finally balanced for the first time since adolescence, I was ready to tackle my weight and my diabetes.

I'm down 110 pounds from my high

My A1C (a measure of how well my blood sugar is controlled ) is 5.4

My diabetes has retreated to pre-diabetic.

Yep, I'm beating the odds. So, this is a community for people who are interested in talking about HOW to beat the odds.

About the Community

Anyone is welcome to read and comment on entries.

Right now, posting into the community is limited to people I approve. I want to make sure you know the rules before posting. If you want to post, comment to any of MY posts (here or at my journal) and summarize the two rules so I know that you read them. I'll open you to posting.

The MOST IMPORTANT rule is that EVERY post must include a recipe, an exercise, a motivation, something that has helped you beat the odds. This is about sharing the positive experiences related to diabetes, weight loss, or health in general.

If you're including a recipe, please include the nutritional information. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kinda picky about what I put in my mouth, so I want to know the carbs and fats in particular.