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Chili? & Crock-Pot Meals

My husband is about to be laid off for a month between semesters, while I work second shift, so I was looking for some quick, easy, low-cost meals that I could throw together. crock-pot meals are generally good for this, and I use it for a lot of different things (preparing burrito meat from chuck roast last weekend, and actual pot roast w/veggies this weekend, etc.), and I was wondering about Chili - especially carb-wise, as I've been kind of non-compliant with meds and diet recently and am trying to get back on track. I generally use chili spices, peppers, cans of crushed or diced tomatoes, lean ground meats (turkey, pork and/or beef), and a variety of beans (kidney, black, etc) generally from a can.

I know that beans are high in fiber and have some protein, but how bad would something like this be for someone who is trying to control their blood sugar? I like mine with rice - maybe half a cup, and a bit of cheese on top, milk or water to drink.

It's a pretty balanced meal in the traditional sense, but am I shooting myself in the foot diet/low-carb-wise?

Also, any suggestions for some low-cost meals like this that I could through together that my junk food junkie husband and I could both enjoy?


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Dec. 1st, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)
I hate to say it, but you kinda are. Now chili is very doable. Yeah, beans are carbs, but they have their own fiber built in, so that makes it hit the system slower. The meat and the cheese (or the protein in them) also slows down those carbs and if you have a salad on the side, you're on the side of the angels. However, you can't add rice (pure carbs) and milk (lactose is a carb) without really going carb happy.

I love crockpot cooking. Throw in a tough piece of meat, cook it all day, throw in some carrots, some parsley root or celery root (which are really quite good, and cooked in meat fat become *wonderful*, add in a few potatoes at the end, and you're done... meat, veggies, and carb all together.
Dec. 1st, 2007 04:41 am (UTC)
I figured the rice was probably not going to happen. My husband doesn't eat it, anyway. He just puts a bunch of crackers in his *makes face* I was more worried about the chili overall - because it does have a lot of carbs, but it does have some good benefits as well.

As for the milk, I may or may not have that. I never drink a lot of it, or juice, but sometimes I just have to have it, and usually don't do too bad with either as long as I don't go overboard - ie. have it with meals, the right time of day, and not large glasses. I will occasionally crave them if I don't have them.

I have to take prenatal vitamins and a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement, too. I also crave salt, to the point that I almost eat it straight. I know it's supposed to be bad for you, but I also drink over a gallon of water a day on average. When I told the nurse practitioner that one day - she was like you only have to drink 8 glasses - I said I know, I like water and I get very thirsty.

Personally, I could live off of stir-fry most days... a little chopped up meat (or seafood) and some fresh veggies and a little soy sauce... yum! but my husband doesn't eat veggies other than green beans, corn and the occasional green salad...

*shrugs* I make compromises based on time, my budget and what I really need to have. I'll shop for a separate menu for me, if I have to, but usually just make one big theme of something for the weekends. (tacos or burritos since DH really likes Mexican, pot roast, some sort of sandwich platter, chicken, whatever...)
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